An order for dealer replacement is used when a client is transferred from one dealer to another. Such an order is created by the dealer to whom the object maintenance will pass.

To make an order:

  1. Go to Orders > Change dealer
  2. Specify the object that needs a dealer replacement
  3. Attach a letter from the restaurant to r_keeper and a letter from the dealer to r_keeper
  4. Click the Order button.

The system will automatically send a letter to the current dealer of the object.

Then the system checks the object and the dealer for debts:

  • The current dealer's debts to the r_keeper company for the object specified in the order. The following items are checked:
    • Software payment
    • Debt for the keys return
    • Information about the legal entity.
  • The object's debts to the r_keeper company and to the dealer in relation to the r_keeper software.

If the object is found to have debts to the company or the current dealer, then the change of dealer will be suspended until the debts are paid off.

If the object has no debts to the company or the current dealer, r_keeper will bill for the Service to change the current Partner to the new Partner. The service is not recommended for resale of the object.

The cost of the service is determined by the company price list — 80 c.u. independently of the number of changes. r_keeper reserves the right to change the cost of providing the service unilaterally, about which it will notify dealers in a newsletter one calendar month in advance.

After the payment is credited to the r_keeper settlement account, the request will be processed within the next business day.

After the order is confirmed by r_keeper employees, open the order and copy the activation code, which must be entered in the manager station. Open the manager station and enter:

  • Dealer ID, for example: RK7 7148
  • Space
  • Activation code