You can change your password through the user settings.

Regardless of the user's role, the user can only change their password.

To change password:

  1. Go to the user card
  2. Click the Change password link below your login
  3. A window will appear informing you that a password reset link has been sent to the user's email.
    Click OK
  4. Go to the mailbox specified in the message from the previous step
  5. Find and open the letter from UCS License System 5 with the Account password recovery in the Licensing System subject of the letter
  6. Follow the link in the email
  7. A page with a password recovery form will open:
    • Enter a new password that will comply with the password policy requirements. The password requirements can be seen by hovering the mouse over the question mark
    • Click on the star
      to have the system automatically generate the required password. Each press generates a new password
      To view the generated password, click on the eye icon 

  8. After entering a new password, click the Save button
  9. The authorization page will open, and a notification about the successful password change will appear in the upper right corner

Done, the password is changed. Now you can log in to the license system using the new password.

In order to improve security, we recommend changing the password generated by the license system when creating a user to a new one.