In the license system, restaurants are called trading objects, or simply objects. Licenses for all products are generated in relation to objects and can only be used for them.

Each object is assigned a unique number consisting of 9 digits, called the object code.
The object code consists of:

  • The corporation code — the first 5 digits of the object code. For example, the corporation code for r_keeper company is 19999
  • The object number — the last 4 digits of the object code. For example, 1234 and the resulting object code is 199991234.

This article describes corporations and their creation. The objects are described in the following article.

Corporations Description

A corporation is an owner organization to which one or more objects are linked.

To view the list of available corporations, go to the References > Corporations menu:

A list of all corporations will open:

The list can be downloaded to Excel by clicking on the


Corporations have the following properties:

  • Code — 5-digit corporation code
  • Name
  • Type — client, external system or showroom
  • The date when the corporation was created.

You can filter the list of corporations by any of these fields.

Creating Corporation

If you don't have a corporation, you need to create one. To create a new corporation, go to References > Corporations.
Above the list of corporations, click the Add Corporation button. The second option is to press the plus button + under the list of corporations.

The absence of the Add Corporation button means a lack of rights. Contact the r_keeper manager.

You will see information about the corporation that you need to fill out. Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.

Fill in the fields:

  • Corporation name
  • Telephone
  • Select the Corporation type:
    • ​Client
    • External system
    • Showroom

And click the Save button in the top left corner. The corporation is created.

Corporation Card

You can edit an existing corporation in the corporation card.

First, you need to find your corporation.

To do this, go to the Corporations section and click the 

An input field will appear in each column. Specify the search data and press Enter.

For example, let's find a corporation by code:

To view and edit a corporation, click on its code.

When you click on the corporation code in the list, the card of the selected corporation will open.

Data in gray fields is loaded automatically. Required fields are marked with asterisks *.

Click the Save button to save the changes.