A legal entity is linked to each object and is required for acquiring licenses. To create a new legal entity:

  1. Log in to the license system
  2. Go to Orders > Working with legal entities
  3. On the page that opens, in the Type field, select New legal entity from the drop-down list
  4. Select the Legal entity type:
    • Private entrepreneur — a legal entity of an individual entrepreneur
    • Legal entity — for a Russian legal entity
    • Foreign legal entity
  5. Fill in the fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.
    For a foreign legal entity, fill in all the data manually.
    For a private entrepreneur or a Russian legal entity, filling out the table can be accelerated.
    Enter the TIN number in the appropriate field and click the Fill button. If the number is correct, the system will automatically fill in all legal details. If you wish, you can also fill in the bank details.
    If several KPP (tax reason code) numbers are linked to your TIN number, the system will download them all. In this case, an arrow will appear next to the KPP field. Click on it to expand the list of related KPPs, then select the required number.

    For each selected checkpoint, the actual data is loaded into the following fields:
    • Full name
    • Short name
    • Registration address
    • Mailing address
  6. Click the Save button to save the order as a draft, or the On approval button to send the order for the manager's approval.

The order has been created and is being processed. You can see its status in the All orders list.