r_keeper has many products with different licensing schemes.

For most products that use online licensing, it is enough to enter the dealer account details and select an object. There are also products for which you need to generate an active license yourself and without a request code. This article is about licensing such products.

License Generation

To generate a license without a request code:

  1. Go to the license system and log in with your dealer account
  2. Find your object and open its card
  3. Click the New license button
  4. Without filling anything, click Next
  5. The standard active license settings window will open. Open the drop-down list in the Programm field and find the required license:
  6. Specify the license expiration date, the number of licenses and other data
  7. Click Next. The system will generate a license key
  8. Activate the required program with the received key.
    For example, activate the HttpOrderNotify interface in r_keeper: