The article describes the process of gaining access to the company's systems

The dealer account, also called Dealer ID, allows you to log in and use the following r_keeper services:

Authorization by email + password is used in:

After authorization in the licensing system, the Dealer ID can be seen in the Login field of the user card.

Getting Access to Systems

After signing the contract and paying the dealer fee, you need to send a letter to the license department with a request to create an account to access the r_keeper systems. An application to create an account is processed within 5 business days.

System Authentication

After processing the application, your account information will be sent to the specified email.

To authenticate to the system, enter your username and password.

User Card

A user card — a place where you can change personal data. To enter the card, click on the username in the upper right corner:

The user editing form will appear:


 button near the Password field reveals the password

To save the changes, click the Save button.