Terms and Abbreviations

  1. Dealer — an organization that implements, maintains and distributes software
  2. SW — software. A software product developed by r_keeper
  3. A graphical interface, or simply an interface, is a graphical shell of a software product that the user works with
  4. The system — the license system.


The licensing system is designed for online licensing of r_keeper products.
The system is located at https://l.ucs.ru/. To check the license, products access the system at l.ucs.ru:60606. The server with the product installed must have port 60606 open.
Products can be licensed for both virtual and physical protection keys. However, not all products require a security key.

This article describes the main points of the licensing system, detailed information on the functionality is placed in separate articles.


To log in, you must enter your email and password.

The sidebar contains the main menu with the main sections of the system.

Information about the object and product licenses can be viewed in the object card.

Information on the object card is presented in the screenshot below: