A prolongation order is made to prolong the temporary licenses at the object.

Restrictions of the licenses at the object are usually caused by the lack of payment for them or the relicensing of the key to which the software is linked.

To make a prolongation order:

  1. Go to Orders > Prolongation master license
  2. Select the required object
  3. Select the software to be prolonged
  4. Attach a written agreement from the vendor to extend the license
  5. Click Order.

After the order is confirmed, the validity period of the master license for this object will increase by an agreed period. After the master license prolongation, use the New license button in the object card to generate a prolongation code. The old license will be marked as inactive.

If paid in full, the master license will be limited to year 2100 after the payment is registered in r_keeper. The procedure for making a payment order is the same, but excluding step 4.