When clicking on the object code in the list, its card will open. The object card is the main operating menu in the license system.

In the object card, you can:

  • Generate active licenses
  • View a list of master licenses
  • View a list of active licenses and information about them, including:
    • The creation date
    • The expiration date
    • The key for which the license was generated
    • The license itself
    • The license request code
    • The status
  • Edit the main characteristics of an object
  • View a list of object keys
  • View and change legal entity of the object
  • View requests associated with an object.

Certificates Automatic Mailing

For new master licenses, you can generate a certificate. In this regard, the Auto send certificate to mail checkbox was added to the object card. If the setting is enabled, the license system will send a generated certificate to the object's email after confirmation of the order for a master license.

The setting is enabled by default.


You can leave comments on orders and objects in the system.

The Comments button is located in the upper right corner, next to the account name and the Exit link.

Clicking this button will open a panel with an input field. Below the input field is the history of actions with the application and previous comments:

In the comments, you can ask questions and chat with r_keeper employees.