In the license system, restaurants are called trading objects, or simply objects. All licenses are generated in relation to objects and can only be used for them.
To obtain a license, you must have a corporation and an object linked to it.

Object Description

A corporation is required to create an object. If you don't already have it, see the related article.

Each object is assigned a unique number consisting of 9 digits, called the object code.
The object code consists of:

  • The corporation code — the first 5 digits of the object code. For example, the corporation code for r_keeper company is 19999
  • The object number — the last 4 digits of the object code. For example, 1234 and the resulting object code is 199991234.

To view a list of all objects, go to References > Objects:

A list of all available objects will open:

The list can be downloaded to Excel by clicking on the


By moving the mouse over any column, you can see the full name of the column:

Objects have the following properties:

  • Status — the object is working or not
  • Object code — 9-digit full object code
  • Object name
  • Corporation to which the object belongs
  • Dealer
  • Email
  • INN (TIN)/Vat Code
  • KPP — only for objects operating in Russia
  • Type legal entity
  • Created Date of the object.

Objects can be searched and sorted by any of these fields. To do this, click on the 

icon. An input field will appear in each column.
For objects, there is an additional search by a legal entity and INN (TIN).

Specify the search data and press Enter. For example, let's find an object by name:

Or find an object by IIN (TIN):

To view and edit an object, click on its code.