To generate an active license:

  1. Go to References > Objects and click on the magnifying glass
  2. Enter the object you are looking for in the Object code field and press Enter. The system will show you the objects that meet the criteria
  3. Click on the code or name of the object. The object card will open
  4. Click the New License button
  5. Enter the Request code — it can be generated in your software.

    Not all products need to generate a request code. If this is not required, then the key is also not needed.

    Select the required license type in the License type field:

    1. The Generate license item generates an active license
    2. The Generate SOS-code item will generate an SOS code.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select the licensed product in the Programm field
  8. Specify a date in the Date field
  9. Specify the number of required licenses in the Quantity field
  10. Click the Next button and wait for the download to finish
  11. A window will appear with the generated license key, copy it and click OK
  12. Activate your product with the license you received.