To get a master license:
Go to the Orders > New Order.

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Dealer legal entity by contract
  2. The Object for which a new license is required
  3. The payer legal entity and the method of obtaining a license: New object or Additional purchase

  4. Product type, 2 available for selection:
    • Unlimited license
    • Subscription License
  5. Check the boxes if necessary:

    • If you use the Replacement of competitive software check box, select the product to be replaced from the drop-down menu. Attach an official letter from the customer and a screenshot or a certificate of purchase of competitive software
  6. Select the product for which a master license is required by clicking Add SW

    1. In the list that opens, find and tick the required products. Press the Save button
      The selected products will appear in the list below. The licenses below are selected as an example
    2. If you want to change the number of licenses for a product, click on the white field in the Quantity column and specify the required quantity. You can also add comments in the same way
    3. To remove products from the list, click the trash icon on the right 
    4. When you place the cursor over any of the columns, a hint appears with the full name of the column:
  7. Attach the existing files — documents, letters, etc. if necessary.

    The maximum file size is 5 MB
  8. Optionally, you can select the urgency in the field on the right:
  9. If you need to set an additional restriction for customers, specify the date of the restriction in the comments
  10. That's it, you have made a request. To save the draft, click Save. To send an application for approval to the licensing department, click Make Order. To close the application editing window, click Close

  11. Please note that the R-Keeper 7 CashDesk and R-Keeper 7 Manager products are sold with virtual keys by default. If you need to get a physical key, specify the following data in the comments:
  • The reason for obtaining physical keys
  • The number of cash servers
  • The location of the cash register server and the reference server — separate/on the same server
  • The location of the reference server and the PDS — separate/on the same server.

After that, an application will be created, which will be processed within 5 working days.