This article describes how to create and use object groups in the license system.

Object Group Description

Objects can be combined into groups to differentiate rights. Users can be given rights to an object group to restrict access to other corporate objects.

To see the available object groups, go to References > Object Groups

A list of object groups opens.

To search for the group, click on the
 icon. An input field will appear. Specify the search data and press Enter.

To edit a group, click on the pencil icon 

To delete a group, click on the trash can icon

Object Group Editing

When clicking on the pencil

, the editing menu opens.

The upper section lists the objects included in this group.

The bottom field shows a list of all objects available to you. Using the 

button, you can add the required object to the group.

After editing is complete, click the Save button.

Object Group Creation

To create an object group:

  1. Go to References > Object groups

  2. Click the Add group button
  3. The menu for creating an object group will open:
    1. Enter the name of the group in the Name field
    2. Add objects to the group by clicking the
       button to the right of the object
    3. If the object needs to be removed from the group, click the
       button in the top table
  4. Click Save
  5. The object group will appear in the list:

    • A group can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon 
    • The group can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon 
  6. The list will show all object groups to which you have access
  7. To move an object from one group to another:
    1. Remove an object from an existing group
      • You can also remove an object from a group in the object's characteristics
    2. Add an object to a new group
    3. Save the changes.

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