In the Reports section, you can get information on licenses, keys and SOS codes.
Reports are located in the menu on the left:

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the reports.

End Dates for Active Licenses

To see the expiration dates for active licenses, go to Reports > End of licenses.

Click the

 filter button. Specify the period during which you want to check the license expiration. Specify the object or corporation code.
The Do not show expired checkbox is enabled by default — it allows you to see only master licenses with the Active status.
Click Filter.
As a result, you will see a table with your object and the license expiration dates:

SOS Licenses Information

To find out the number of available SOS codes and their maximum use periods, go to the SOS codes available to the dealer section. In the Max days column, you will see the maximum number of days that the SOS code will be valid.

In the Dealer field, you can enter the name or code of the dealer to search.

Information on Key, Request code or License

You can get information about a key or license through the Check requests and keys menu. To do this, go to this menu item and specify any of the following details:

  • Key code — physical or virtual
  • Request code — you can see it in your software
  • License — a generated code, it can be viewed both in the product and in the Editing object section.

    The result:

Object info

Using the Object Info report, you can get information about an object, its existing licenses, and their expiration dates.
To get information about an object, enter its number in the Object field and click the Find (Найти) button. The report can be downloaded in PDF. To do this, click the Upload report button.

As a result, you will see information about:

  • Object and dealer
  • Master licenses
  • Active licenses
  • Keys

Dealer Objects

The ready report can be uploaded to MS Excel by clicking on the

The tabular part of the report includes data on active master licenses as of the date the report was generated. The data is displayed in decreasing order of the number of active master licenses. The user can minimize or expand the contents of the table.

The report is available to users with the following roles:

  • UCS_MASTER_USER with the Reports. Dealer Objects right

Rights to the report can be granted by users with the following roles:


To build a report, in the report header you need to specify:

  • Dealer
    • ​For the DEALER_USER and DEALER_MANAGER roles, the Dealer field is automatically filled in by the dealer specified in the user card
  • Grouping method
    • ​By objects
    • By products

Optionally, you can check the Display Show Room checkbox. If enabled, showroom data will not be included in the report. By default, the checkbox is not checked.

Dealer Reports

In the Dealer reports section, you can view completed reports of the Agent under the Agency Agreement with a list of functions performed during the period and the amount of the agency fee.

Reports are presented in PDF and XLSX formats.

The report is available to users with the following roles:


After viewing the report, if everything is okay, the dealer signs it and sends it to the electronic document management system (EDM).
If changes need to be made, they must be pre-agreed with the r_keeper staff.