SOS-code is a temporary license generated in case of emergency. It can only be used if it is not possible to generate an active license.

Term of use:

  • For lifetime licenses — from 15 to 45 days
  • For subscription software, with the SAAS hierarchy type — 5 days

SOS-code and SOS-license are synonyms.

When creating an SOS-code, it is required to specify the reason. You can generate SOS-licenses for the following reasons:

  • To replace equipment, in case of breakdown, modernization and other reasons
  • To replace keys if they break
  • Emergency installation — you need to urgently run the software for the client to be able to work
  • Emergency upgrade — an urgent software upgrade for the client.

In emergency cases, an SOS-code can be issued, which lasts for 5 days. The reasons for generating such code are as follows:

  • Late payment
  • Launching an object running on a SAAS license on a day off.

You can generate an SOS-code for a key only once.

If two SOS codes are generated for the same key, then all available SOS-codes will be blocked for all objects, and a letter will be sent to the mail about the appearance of an unprocessed object.

To again be able to generate SOS-codes:

  • Pay for the software for which the SOS-license was re-generated
  • Clear the SOS-code. To do this, write a letter to specifying reasons for using the code and delaying payment of the invoice.

For a list of available SOS-codes, see Reports > SOS codes available to the dealer.