The security key, or simply the key, is the carrier of the license. Each key has its own unique code, on the basis of which an active license is generated.
There 2 types of keys:

  • Virtual

    Virtual keys are generated within the licensed program
  • Physical

    Physical keys are issued at the r_keeper's office along with confirmation of master licenses. To receive physical keys, indicate the desired date of shipment, the type and number of keys in the comments to the order. Click the Make Order button. Managers will check the order, and if everything is correct, they will prepare the keys.

Unlike physical keys, the virtual ones do not have any physical carrier (token) and do not need a special driver to be installed.
Key drivers can be downloaded at the Guardant official site.
The unique key code can be viewed in the driver settings. For this:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and find Guardant drivers
  2. Click the Diagnostics button
  3. In the window that opens, you will see a list of dongles connected to the computer. If the list is empty, then the computer does not see the key — plug it into another USB port.
    The Dongle ID is the key code without the final h. It matches the key code in the licensing system. In this case, the key code is 3D8B7925, you can find it in the system and see the linked licenses.