A sub-dealer is a company that cooperates with an official r_keeper dealer in sales and promotion of the company's products and solutions.
The vendor grants the right to the sub-dealer to independently work in the license system in order to speed up the processes.

Sub-dealer Rights

The sub-dealer inherits the dealer rights and can create a new order. The invoice will be issued to the legal entity of the dealer who is the payer, and is not available for viewing by the subdealer.

  • All dealer prices and discounts for Lifetime licenses and Subscription licenses other than SAAS products will be applied automatically
  • Invoices for SAAS licenses are issued to the legal entity of the client, therefore dealer discounts and prices will not be applied to such orders.

Sub-dealer Card

Like the dealer, the subdealer has their own card. To view the card, go to References > Dealers and double-click on the field with the subdealer name.

There are 3 sections available for viewing in the subdealer card:

  • Main with subdealer data
  • Legal entity with details of a subdealer and the ability to accept a non-disclosure agreement
  • Agreements with a list of signed non-disclosure agreements.

The dealer in the Main section has the following fields to fill in:

    • Name — the name of the subdealer
    • Address — the location of the subdealer
    • Country
    • City
    • E-mail for UCS — an email address for communication with r_keeper
    • Phone for UCS — a phone number for communication with r_keeper
    • E-mail for clients — a contact email address for subdealer clients
    • Phone for clients — a contact email address for subdealer clients
    • Work schedule — subdealer working hours
    • Url
    • UCS Manager — the subdealer manager.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

Sub-dealer Creation

To create a sub-dealer account:

  1. Write to your manager or to that you need to create a sub-dealer
  2. Attach corporate and contact details of the sub-dealer company
  3. Wait for your manager to enter the information into the license system
  4. A non-disclosure agreement in the form of an offer will be sent to the sub-dealer contact address
  5. The sub-dealer signs the agreement
  6. The sub-dealer is given a price list

Ready, the sub-dealer is created.