To create a new user:

  1. Go to References > Users

  2. Click the Add user button
  3. The page for adding a new user will open. Fill in required fields:
    1. E-mail — the e-mail address of the user being added. The login and password for the license system will be sent to the specified mail
    2. Family name
    3. Name
  4. Optionally, fill in the fields: Surname, Office, Department, Tel, Mobile number, Phone, Position, Country, City, Language, Comments.
    The Unsubscribe checkbox disables automatic sending of e-mail notifications
  5. Check the box next to Role name — choose between DEALER_USER, CLIENT and SubDealer:

    You don't need to check any more roles boxes
  6. Check the required permissions for the employee. Optionally, you can select all:
  7. Specify the required object groups to which the user must have access:

    The employee will only have rights to the objects that belong to the specified object group
  8. Click Save:

After saving, this employee appears in the list of users and will be able to log in to the license server.