The article describes the Users reference of the license system.
Read how to work with the users in the following articles:

User Description

User — an account in the license system that has a role and a certain set of rights.

To see the list of users, go to References > Users

A list of system users will open.

Blocked users are highlighted in orange.
The list can be downloaded to Excel by clicking on the 

Users have the following properties:

  • Login — a 4-digit code, also called Dealer ID or dealer account
  • User name — an account name
  • Roles — the roles assigned to the user
  • Dealer — the name of the dealer to which the user belongs
  • E-mail — a user's email
  • Phone
  • Mobile number

Users can be searched and sorted by any of these fields. To do this, click on the 

icon. An input field will appear in each column. Specify the search data and press Enter.
For example, let's find a user named test236:

To view and edit a user, click on their login.

User Card

When clicking on the user's login in the list, the user card will open.

In the user card, you can change:

  • User roles and rights
  • User object groups
  • Characteristics — name, family name, phone number, etc.

Gray fields cannot be changed.

Required fields are marked with asterisks *.

Click the Save button to save the changes.

Roles Description

In the licensing system, you can differentiate the rights of users. There are 4 levels of access for dealers:

  • Dealer manager
  • Dealer user
  • Client
  • Subdealer

A user with Dealer manager access is assigned to an authorized dealer employee. This is the highest level of rights. An employee with the Dealer manager role has all the rights of lower roles and can create Dealer user and Client users.
A user with Dealer user access can create objects and corporations, view reports. It cannot create other users.
A user with Client access can only view the object card and check the status of keys and licenses.
A user with Subdealer access can:

  • View object cards
  • View dealer details
  • Generate licenses
  • Make a report: End of licenses
  • Make a report: Check requests and keys
  • Generate SOS licenses

The maximum number of users is 9999.

To differentiate rights between employees and objects, you need an Object Group. To learn more about it, read the Object Groups article.