To generate a license for the XML order saving interface :

  1. Go to the license system and log in with your dealer account
  2. Find your object and open its card
  3. Click the New license button
  4. Without filling anything, click Next
  5. In the Programm field, select r_keeper_7_Write_XML_Order:
  6. Specify the license expiration date, the number of licenses and other data
  7. Click Next. The system will generate a license key
  8. Activate the XML Save Order interface in the restaurant properties. To do this:
    1. Open the manager station
    2. Go to Service > Stations and Devices
    3. Select your restaurant
    4. Go to the Grouped properties section
    5. Insert the generated license key into the XML: Save Order field
  9. The expiration date will appear in the XML: Save Order Date field. The interface is activated.