In StoreHouse 5, accounting operations mean the data on the business transactions of the enterprise saved in a standard way. Each operation includes the name of the operation and one or more journal entries related to this operation.
Each journal entry contains the following data:

  • The debit account number
  • The credit account number
  • The name of the amount being transferred
  • The coefficient of the amount being transferred
  • Accounting category data
  • Description.

The account numbers used in the journal entries should be first entered in the Account Plan.
You only need to compile a list of accounting operations and define typical journal entries for them, if you want to generate a journal of entries in the StoreHouse application.
After enlisting typical journal entries, it is enough for the document to select the required operation and the entries will be automatically generated and recorded in the journal. For the document, the required operation can be chosen in the header of the Operation field.
If you go to Dictionaries > Accounting > Accounting operations > List of accounting operations, the table with the list of operations carried out at your enterprise will open.

You can specify only one accounting operation per document.