If synonyms of correspondents (suppliers/customers) have been created for StoreHouse goods, then you can select goods for the delivery note by the synonym name.
You can use this function only for receipt and delivery notes.

To work with goods synonyms, in the Title of the delivery note, a correspondent must be defined, whose synonyms must be used in the document.

To add goods by synonyms to the note:

  • Open a receipt or delivery note
  • Specify the correspondent on the Title tab
  • Go to the Goods tab
  • In the Goods synonym > Name field, enter a part of the name
  • If several values ​​correspond to the specified condition, the system will offer a choice
  • Select the required item
  • The StoreHouse goods item will be added to the document in the corresponding unit of measurement
  • If the specified name corresponds to the only value of the synonym, then the goods item will be added to the note automatically
  • If the synonym had a coefficient for converting the correspondent's UOM to the StoreHouse UOM, then by default 1 will be added to the Quantity column, and the quantity calculated as per the specified coefficient will be indicated in the Synonyms — Quantity column
  • You can change any of the quantities, the recalculation will occur according to the specified coefficient.

You can also specify a goods synonym in the Add goods item field:

Enter the synonym name. If it matches the only value in the list of synonyms, then the goods item will be automatically added to the note. If the synonym corresponds to several values, then a standard goods search window will open.
If there are no Synonyms columns on the Goods tab, then use the Set up table... context menu and set the necessary flags.