One way to reset compensating records is to copy the compensators to the delivery note. The document to be copied to can be newly created or already existing, it can be of the same type as the document from which the records are copied, or of another type.
To copy compensators:

  • Open the delivery note to which you will copy compensators — only if goods are copied to an already existing document
  • Open the Goods tab of the document you will be copying
  • Select the Document > Copy to delivery note... main menu item or the Copy to delivery note… context menu item
  • Select Copy compensatory amounts in the Copying parameters field
  • If you select the Create new delivery note option, select a document type from the list
  • If you select Add to delivery note, select a document from the list of open delivery notes

    The Add to delivery note field will be active only if the document to which the goods are copied is open.

  • Click the OK button.

When copying to a receipt note — new or existing — an information window will appear:

To close it, click the OK or the