Compensated record — an automatically created record in the expenditure part of Store House delivery notes, covering the theoretical balance deficit of goods in the department when writing off more than there is on the balance.
The delivery note, internal transfer, complectation, decomplectation, processing note, return to supplier documents contain the Compensated quantity and amounts fields.
If there are enough goods in the required departments, the Compensated quantity and amounts fields are empty.

If the quantity of goods in the document exceeds its balance in the department from which the write-off occurs, after saving the document, the Compensated quantity and amount fields display the quantity of the missing goods and its price on a red background.

In this case, a compensated record is automatically created. This record allows you to avoid negative balances in departments and easily create receipt notes for missing goods.
In the list of delivery notes, compensatory amounts are displayed on a separate line and are located under the document with the same number. The line of the compensated record is highlighted in red. \When opening a compensated record, the delivery note linked with that compensated record opens.

Compensated records can be omitted as separate lines in the list of delivery notes. For this, open the table settings in the setup — the Set up table... context menu item — and check the Compensating amounts boxes

Then, in the list of delivery notes, Compensating amounts will be displayed for each document in a separate column. There will be no compensated records lines.

After the required quantity of the missing goods is received at the required department before expenditure, the compensated record will be automatically deleted, and the Compensated quantity and amounts fields of the document will become empty.