A complectation document is a document confirming the fact of the goods production. It is created if it is necessary to write off raw materials and materials for the preparation of a finished product or semi-finished product from one department (Expenditure tab), and to another or the same department to credit the finished products (Goods tab).
The Supplier and Recipient departments can be the same if only different goods participate in the receipt and expenditure parts of the document. In this case, the complectation document displays the process of goods production.
If the same goods are found in the receipt and expenditure parts of the document, then the Supplier and Recipient subdivisions must be different. In this case, the document plays the role of an internal transfer for these goods.
The complectation document can be created automatically when processing a request, using the Create delivery notes for request operation.
In the automatically created complectation, it is possible to edit fields that do not affect the movement of goods: Number, Responsible person, Released, Received.