Since FoodFactory version, there is a possibility to generate barcodes for labels with the r_keeper 7 dish code.

To read these barcodes at the r_keeper 7 cash register, MCR algorithms should be added at the manager station. For each unit of measurement, create your own MCR algorithm with masked input.

A single script for all units of measurement will not work, the cash register will malfunction when scanning a barcode.

Manager Station Settings

Configuring Barcode Weight Divisor

On FoodFactory labels, the weight in barcodes is encoded in grams. Therefore, if r_keeper uses kilograms to measure weight dishes, you need to configure the barcode weight divisor. To do this:

  1. Go to Options > Parameters > Installation > Sold by weight dishes
  2. In the properties of the Barcode weight divisor parameter, specify the value 1000 in the Integer line

  3. Save the changes.

If r_keeper uses grams as a unit of measurement, the barcode weight divisor should be equal to 1.

MCR algorithm setup

Let us assume that the following mapping of FoodFactory units of measurement is specified for the default barcode mask — 2UCCCCCCWWWW

Create an MCR algorithm for such a mask.

  1. In the manager station, go to Service > Device Signal Processing > MCR algorithms
  2. Create an MCR algorithm with the Masked Input type and the 21aaaaaabbbb? mask.
    In the mask, 2 is for the barcode prefix, 1 is the code for kg. In the FoodFactory settings, in the Idx column, the a parameter corresponds to the goods code, the parameter is for the weight or quantity:
  3. An example of label printing:
  4. When scanning barcodes of piece goods, 1 piece is added, the weight is ignored, so it is necessary to create another MCR algorithm. Piece goods have code 2 in the FoodFactory settings. Algorithm mask for piece goods is 22aaaaaa?????.
  5. Save the changes.