Contracts can be used when creating receipt or delivery notes.
When you select a contract for a delivery note, prices for the goods and payment rules for the delivery note can be specified.
The contract is selected on the Title tab of the delivery note in the Contract > ‚Äč‚ÄčNumber field.

To select a contract from the list of available ones, double-click on the Number field. A list of contracts available for selection will open.

The list filter is the filled Delivery note date, Supplier and Customer in the delivery note.
The list of contracts is filtered by the Valid from... date of the contract.
If the selected contract contains the rules for payment of the delivery note, the delivery note payment date will be automatically calculated on the basis of the contract.
The delivery note payment date is calculated according to the calendar date. As a result, the payment due date of the delivery note may be a weekend. The day of the week from the contract allows you to determine the day of the week following the settlement date, in order to get an acceptable delivery note payment date:
The payment due date = The next computer date from the current one + the number of calendar days of the contract + the day of the week from the contract.

You can manually redefine the calculated contract payment date in the delivery note.
If price lists are attached to the contract, then when selecting a contract, the prices from the price lists of the contract will be used in the delivery note.
If the user is given the right to change delivery note prices, then the prices of goods can be manually redefined.
If the contract is created for a non-base currency and is used in the delivery note, then the exchange rate for converting amounts to the base currency will be taken from the contract. You can redefine the rate determined by the contract manually in the delivery note.