Any combination of goods can be copied from one document to another. The document to be copied to can be newly created or already existing. It can be of the same type as the document from which it is copied, or of another type.
To copy a goods combination:

  • Open the delivery note window to which you will copy the goods

    If a new delivery note is being created, then this item can be omitted.

  • Open the Goods tab of the delivery note, the contents of which you will copy

  • Select the goods to be copied — performed only if you do not want to copy all the goods

  • Select the Document > Copy to delivery note... main menu item or the Copy to delivery note... context menu item

  • Fill in the copying parameters in the Copy to delivery note window

  • Click the OK button.

If the Create new delivery note option is chosen, select a delivery note type from the list. If the Add to delivery note option is chosen, select a delivery note from the list of open notes.

The Add to delivery note field will be active only if the delivery note to which the goods are added is open on the screen.

If the function is called from a delivery note, then it will be possible to select which amounts to copy to receipt notes.
When creating internal StoreHouse delivery notes, the marker can be placed in one of two fields, because the document self-cost will be determined by FIFO.
Copy corresponding amounts — when the marker is set to this position, the source's sale amounts will be copied to the destination's sale amounts. If there are no sale amounts in the document being created, then the self-cost will be copied.
Copy sale amounts as purchase amounts — when the marker is set to this position, the sale amounts of the delivery note will be inserted as purchase amounts in the receipt notes.

This functionality is convenient to use when creating transfers between your organizations as expenditure-receipt.

If the document contains the filled Compensated quantity and amounts fields (i.e. there is a Compensated record for this document), you can copy their values ​​to a new or existing open document by setting the Copy compensatory amounts flag in the Copying parameters area.

When copying the compensated quantities to the processing notes, the receipt part of the processing note is filled in.

When copying to a receipt or delivery note (new or open), an information window will open on the screen:

To close it, press the OK or button.