To create a goods group in the goods tree, do the following:

  • In the left part of the Goods window, select the goods group, which should include the new group being created
  • Right-click on the group to open the context menu or use the Document main menu item
  • Select the Create a goods group command
  • A window with goods group properties will appear:

    Fill in the required fields:
    • Name — specify the name of the new goods group
    • Deleted goods — check the box if you want to create a group, the goods included in which will have the Deleted attribute when searching for goods. Such a group will be displayed in gray font in the list.

      The Deleted goods flag is not inherited by subgroups if they are created in a group with the Deleted Goods flag. The flag must be set for EACH subgroup.

    • In the Code field continuous digital numbering is used, it is filled in automatically when saving a goods group

    • The GUID field is filled in by the system when the goods group is saved

    • Belongs to group — here you can select a goods group that will include the goods group being created.

  • Save the goods group in the Document — Save Document menu item or using the

     button on the toolbar.