To create a new correspondent:

  • Select the Dictionaries > Counterparties > New correspondent main menu item or select the New correspondent context menu item in the Correspondents dictionary. You can also use the 
    button on the toolbar
  • In the Name field, enter the name of the new correspondent
  • In the Type 2 field, select the type to which the created correspondent should belong: legal entity, individual, or special correspondent

    After saving the correspondent card, it is impossible to change Type 2.

  • In the Type 1 field, select the type of the created correspondent from the drop-down list

  • If  the External counterparty was selected in the Type 1 field, then specify the value in the Alcohol declaration

  • Depending on the Type 2 value, define the corresponding Other properties. Fields are optional

  • In needed, fill in the KPP list table. These fields are optional

  • If necessary, fill in the list of correspondent licenses for each KPP. Fields are optional

  • Save the new correspondent using the Document > Save document main menu item or the 

     button on the toolbar.