To create a new department:

  • Go to Dictionaries > Counterparties > New department or select the New department context menu item in the Department dictionary window
  • In the right part of the window, call the context menu, select the Create set command or use the Document > Create set main menu item
  • Fill in the department card
  • Save the department using the Document > Save document main menu item or click the 
     button on the toolbar
  • Close the Department window.

In order to create StoreHouse 5 departments, the enterprises linked with these departments must be licensed.

To be able to create delivery notes for a newly added department, in the SDBMan.exe application, you need to define which department group the new department should belong to or create a new group and give users the right to work with it.

Since StoreHouse 104.358, department group properties have been added, which allow to automatically add new departments to groups or assign department groups to new users.