This article describes how to delete all documents from the StoreHouse database. Calculation cards and suppliers are not deleted.
The minimum version of StoreHouse 5 for this is 5.54.

Process overview

Let us show the process of deleting documents using the example of requests. Our database has 4 requests:

To delete documents:

  1. Disable document backup. To do this, open Sdbman, go to Maintenance > Execute Procedure  and execute the DisableDocBackup procedure. Specify DisableDocBackup in the Procedure field and leave the Library field empty. Click Execute.

    Please note that no notifications of success will appear. If there are no errors, then the procedure is completed successfully.
  2. Make a backup. In Sdbman, go to Maintenance > Backup...

    The system will make a backup copy in the configured location.
  3. Restore from the backup. The recovery process is described in the article about installing and updating StoreHouse 5.
    Open the requests and make sure that there are no documents:
  4. Re-enable document backup. To do this, execute the EnableDocBackup procedure in Sdbman
  5. If you want to continue working in the original database, perform the EnableDocBackup procedure from step 4 for it as well
  6. Done! Now you have a working database without documents, but with suppliers and calculation cards.