Department is a place of goods storage, production or sale at the enterprise. In StoreHouse 4, the Warehouse concept is an analogue.
Inventory is another feature of a department. If an inventory is planned to be carried out at the place of storage, production or sale, it should be added to the Departments dictionary.
To sell goods at the enterprise, it is necessary to specify from which department the goods should be written off during the sale. In the card of these goods, specify the department by selecting it in the Departments dictionary, which contains all possible places for storing goods for each enterprise.

  • If a user has limited rights for departments groups or a department is not included in any department group, and the user has the flag for filtering departments in the dictionary enabled, then departments will not be displayed in the list for this user. You should either uncheck the departments filtering flag, or move the department into the accessible group
  • Since StoreHouse 104.358, department group properties have been added, which allow to automatically add new departments to groups or assign department groups to new users.