To change the value of any enterprise field:

  • Select the field to be changed
  • Enter a new value
  • Editing can also be done in the Enterprise properties window
  • Save the changes using the Document > Save document main menu item or the 
     button on the toolbar.

For the sake of convenience, you can open the Enterprise properties window. To do this, double-click in the Name field. You can also open this window using the Enterpise properties context menu item or the Edit > Legal entity properties.

The Name field is a preset field in the StoreHouse 5 database.
All other fields are additional attributes of the Enterprises dictionary. They can be added when creating an empty StoreHouse 5 base.

The list of preset attributes for the Enterprises dictionary to be added when creating an empty StoreHouse 5 database is stored in the [Divisions.AttrsEx] section of the INI file .

Prefixes can be used when numbering documents if numbering by enterprises is set in the numbering settings.
If several enterprises are maintained in one StoreHouse database, then when creating documents — delivery notes, invoices, payment documents — you can specify a prefix for the document number for additional marking of documents by enterprises.

Window buttons:

— to add a new enterprise.
 — for deleting the viewed enterprise.
 — to view the properties of the previous enterprise, if there are several enterprises
 — to view the properties of the next enterprise, if there are several enterprises.

To close the Enterprise properties window, click the Close button or