On the Expenditure tab, after saving the document, the expenditure of raw materials necessary for preparing the quantity of the goods, indicated in the Quantity column on the Goods tab, will be automatically calculated. The expenditure will be written off from the department specified in the Supplier field on the Title page.

The expenditure of goods is specified in base UOMs.
Goods listed on the Goods tab are automatically assigned to the selected department. Goods listed on the Expenditure tab are automatically written off from the corresponding department.
If the quantity of goods on the Expenditure tab exceeds the quantity of goods in the department selected in the Supplier field on the Title tab, a compensation record will be automatically created and the missing quantity and amount of goods on the red background will appear in the Compensated quantity and amounts section.
If the Use replacements flag is set on the Title tab, then the Expenditure tab will display the expenditure of goods, taking into account the applied groups of alternative products.