During the synchronization setup with r_keeper 7 via QUSH, the Invalid object name error may occur.


The problem occurs because there is no data in the SQL table. Data is not transferred from r_keeper 7 to SQL due to the connection to SQL not by IP, but by name:



At the same time, checking the settings will give no errors, both in the manager station and in QUSH.


Reconfigure MSSQL to connect by IP address, specifying the port numbers. To do this, specify the ports for the required IP in the TCP/IP protocol settings in MSSQL. Do the following:

  1. Go to the SQL Sever Configuration Manager, it is located in the Start menu
  2. Next, go to the Protocols for SQL section
  3. Go to the TCP/IP protocol settings
  4. Select IP Addresses section and specify the port for the required IP addresses. By default, this is port 1433, but you can specify any suitable one. Be sure to specify the port at or at the internal IP, if the server and the client are not installed on the same computer
  5. Click ОК. Restart the MSSQL service to apply the changes. You can restart it via Configuration Manager or Windows services.
  6. Now you can connect to the database by IP address. Check this through SQL Server Management Studio. If it is connected, it means that you did everything correctly.
  7. Reconfigure synchronization with SQL in RK7 and QUSH to IP. The problem is solved.