For the convenience of editing the Legal entity card, you can open the Legal entity properties window. To do this, double-click in the Name or TIN field. You can also open this window using the Legal entity properties context menu item or the Edit > Legal entity properties main menu item.

Name, TIN and Payment dates are preinstalled fields in the StoreHouse 5 database.
All other fields are additional attributes of the Legal entities dictionary. They can be added when creating an empty StoreHouse 5 base.

The list of preinstalled attributes for the Legal Entities dictionary to be added when creating an empty StoreHouse 5 database is stored in the [LEntities.AttrsEx] section of the INI file.

Payment dates (Receipts/Expenditures) — the number of calendar days that will be used when calculating the payment date of receipt and delivery notes issued for this legal entity. These fields are optional.

The field is filled in calendar days, excluding weekends.

The details of the organization are used in the зprinting layouts, when building the Alcohol declaration report and when working with the USAIS.
Prefixes can be used when numbering documents if numbering by legal entities is set in the numbering settings.
If several legal entities are maintained in one StoreHouse database, then when creating documents (delivery notes, invoices, payment documents), you can specify the document number prefix for additional marking of documents by legal entities.
Prefixes are additional attributes of a legal entity. If any of the prefixes is missing in the database, then create it in the SdbMan application: StoreHouse > Attributes. Create the missing attributes:

Window buttons:

  • Button 
    — to add a new legal entity
  • Button
     — to delete the viewed legal entity
  • Button
     — to view the properties of the previous legal entity, if there are several legal entities
  • Button 
    — to view the properties of the next legal entity, if there are several legal entities.