The list of goods has a hierarchical (tree-like) structure.
For each goods item, a number of parameters from the goods card are displayed in the list — Type, Base unit of measurement, set, etc.
All fields are filled with basic values ​​from the goods card. Configured parameters exceptions are not shown in the list.

When you open a list of goods from the Goods dictionary, the Set and Set (exceptions) fields are filled in with the values from the Main parameters tab.
Both fields will be filled with the same value if the set is defined for the goods and the Produce flag is set.

If the Produce flag is not set, and the set is defined on the Main parameters tab, then only the Set field will be filled in.
When opening the Goods dictionary from documents, the Set (exclusions) field is filled in according to the specified parameters in the document.
Groups with the Deleted goods flag and goods included in such groups are displayed in gray font.