To open a list of price lists, go to Dictionaries > Price lists or click the

 button on the toolbar.
Fill in the filter to display the list of price lists.

Report from and Report till — fill in the period for which you want to display price lists.
To specify the period for generating the list of price lists, you can use the preinstalled list of periods. To do this, select a value from the drop-down list in the Report period field.
Price list types — select which types of price lists — receipt, expenditure, internal or all — will be displayed in the list.
Own legal entity — in this field, select your own legal entity whose price lists you want to list.

  • If you did not specify your own legal entity when creating the price list, then regardless of the own legal entity selected in the filter, price lists with an empty own legal entity will also be displayed in the list.
  • For internal price lists, the Own legal entity filter field applies a filter to both Own legal entity and Correspondent fields of the price list. The filter works according to the OR principle — the value is specified either in the Own legal entity or in the Correspondent field. Additional filtering can be done in the table form.

Correspondents — in this field you can select one or more correspondents. To display price lists for certain correspondents, select them in the filter from the Correspondents dictionary.
Type 1 — in this field, you can select the type of correspondent from the drop-down list: sales, losses, internal counterparty or external counterparty.
Alcohol declaration is filled in only if in the Type 1 field you have selected the external counterparty. The value can be selected from the drop-down list: undefined, alcohol producer, alcohol importer or alcohol supplier.
Type 2 — in this field, you can select the type of correspondent from the drop-down list: legal entity, individual or special correspondent.
Valid without contract — set this flag to display price lists valid without a contract.
Valid only with contract — ​​set this flag to display price lists that should be linked with contracts.

If only the Valid only with contract flag is set, internal price lists will not be displayed in the list, because internal price lists cannot be linked to a contract, i.e. they are always valid without contract.

Price list currency — if using multiple currencies, select the currency in which the price list is created.
If any filter field is not filled in, the selection will be made by all values ​​of this field.
After setting all filter positions, click the Apply button.
The list of price lists will open. It is presented in the form of a table, the columns of which can be edited by the user.