For all types of invoices, unloading and downloading invoices in XML format is available.

To save a delivery note:

  1. Open the required document
  2. Click File > Save to file
  3. In the window that opens, select the location to save the file, specify the File name and File type.

To download a delivery note:

  1. Click File > Load from file
  2. In the window that opens, select the required file in XML format
  3. Click Open, after which the delivery note will be loaded into Store House 5.

Loaded objects' identification:

  • Correspondents, Departments, Accounting operations are identified by name, an exact match is required to load the object
  • Synonyms are identified by the part of the name and unit of measurement
  • Alcohol product type and Currency are identified by the Code
  • Goods and sets are identified by the name or the $ImportId attribute (Идентификатор для импорта — Identifier for import).

You can use the $ImportId attribute (Identifier for import) to load delivery notes from different databases, in which goods and sets are named differently. When you upgrade the program to version 5.118 and higher, the attribute is added automatically.

Using this attribute, it is possible to synchronize different names of goods and sets. For this, in the Identifier for import (идентификатор для импорта) field, specify identical identifiers for necessary objects. There can be both numeric and alphabetic values.
For example, in Base 1 the product is called Coffee grains, while in Base 2 the product is called Coffee beans. To load a delivery note from Base 1 to Base 2, you can specify Coffee beans or any numeric value in both bases in the Identifier for import field on the goods cards.

An example of synchronizing sets using a numeric value:

In case of loading invoices with non-identical elements, the system will issue a warning about such objects.

The delivery note will be generated without these objects.

If Department objects are not identical, then, when the save documents' extra data setting is active, the system will substitute the document data in the Department field with the last used Department in delivery notes.

In case of double KPPs for different Departments, receipt notes and delivery note cannot be saved for these departments. Use the same KPP for different Departments if necessary.