This functionality can only be applied to manually created goods and goods groups. If you change the structure of the imported goods tree, after the next import, the structure will again be as that in r_keeper.

To change the goods dictionary structure, you can use the following methods:

  1. Changing the hierarchy of goods groups
    If you need to edit the goods groups hierarchy (together with goods), do the following:
    • Open group properties for editing
    • In the Belongs to group field, select the goods group to which you want to transfer
    • Save changes to the goods group properties
    • The goods group along with its goods will be moved to the selected goods group
      Using the same method, you can change the goods group for one goods item by changing the Group in the goods card.
  2. Dragging goods to another goods group
    If you need to transfer certain goods from one group to another, you can use the DRAG&DROP function:
    • Select items in the list by holding Ctrl or Shift
    • With the left mouse button, drag the selected goods to another group.
      The drag icon looks like a white small rectangle under the mouse cursor if completing the drag at the moment will result in changes in references or documents.
      If completing the drag currently does not result in a change, the drag icon changes to a small circle split in half.
    • The system will ask you to confirm the transfer operation. Click Yes if you really want to transfer the selected items. Click No if you called this function by mistake.