In Store House, you can make mutual settlements with suppliers and recipients.
Payment documents are used to record payments for incoming and outgoing goods, as well as mutual settlements with correspondents.
Payment documents include:

  • Receipt payment documents — a document of receipt of funds to pay for sold goods or services — for delivery notes and returns to the supplier
  • Expenditure payment documents — a document of the expenditure of funds to pay for the received goods or services — for receipt notes and the return from the customer
  • Internal payment documents — a document of the expenditure of funds to pay for received goods or services between own legal entities — for internal sales.

Payment documents may or may not be linked with delivery notes. Payment documents linked with delivery notes can be created for receipt notes, delivery notes, and internal sales.
Several payment documents can be created for one delivery note, for example, in case of incomplete payment of a delivery note with one payment document.
One payment document can be created for several documents — for example, to pay for several delivery notes with one payment document — if these documents contain the same suppliers (for an expenditure payment document) or recipients (for a receipt payment document), as well as the same currencies.
Payment documents are numbered in accordance with the settings specified in the Service > Numbering > Payment documents main menu item.