% of self-cost is the coefficient of distribution of the total self-cost of the decomplectation's goods to spend between the received decomplectation's goods.

There are several ways to set the % of self-cost:

  • Default value from the set card

When filling in a receipt BOM of decomplectation for a set linked with the goods to be spent, the % of self-cost price is filled in according to the values specified in the set.

  • Recalculating self-cost percentages

If in the course of work, the decomplectation's receipt part was edited — goods were added or deleted — to recalculate the % of self-cost in proportion to the number of receipt part lines, use the Recalculate percentage of self-cost context menu item.

  • Specify the self-cost percentage manually

The % of self-cost field can be edited manually directly in the document. For this:

  • Place the cursor in the line for which you want to specify the percentage manually
  • Enter the required value — the % sign is not required
  • The rest of the 100% will be automatically redistributed among the remaining rows to add up to 100%.

  • Set the theoretical price of the ingredients

If it is difficult to indicate the % of the self-cost, but you know the theoretical purchase prices of the ingredients, then Store House allows you to specify the % of the self-cost based on these prices:

  • A decomplectation document always contains a known amount of self-cost that will be written off. The received amount must always be equal to the amount to be spent
  • To set the % of the self-cost based on the theoretical purchase prices, enter them manually in the Price field for each ingredient of the receipt part of the decomplectation
  • The system will calculate the amount for each ingredient relative to the given price. The total theoretical sum of all ingredients will also be calculated
  • From the total theoretical sum, the % of the self-cost for each received ingredient will be calculated. The calculated values of  the % of self-cost will be fixed
  • Save the document to calculate the self-cost of ingredients relative to the self-cost of expenditure and the resulting self-cost percentage.
  • Set the theoretical price of the ingredients at the prices of the last arrivals

If the goods received in the decomplectation arrived at the department documented by receipt notes, then the theoretical purchase price can be used from them to calculate the % of the self-cost.

  • Fill in the received goods for the set or define the list manually
  • Use the Create BOMs including prices context menu item
  • The system will automatically calculate the self-cost % relative to the latest receipt prices of received ingredients.
  • Visually, the prices of the latest purchases are not displayed in the decomplecation. They are only used to calculate the % of the self-cost.
  • If for some ingredients there were no prices of the last receipts, then the % of the self-cost will be set to 0%. It can be changed manually.