To delete an enterprise from the StoreHouse database, all references to this enterprise in documents and other dictionaries must be removed. And if for any list of documents, you can apply the Filter by Enterprise to search for referring documents, when using the enterprise in another dictionary without additional service, finding references is a very time-consuming task.

The References to enterprise report allows you to display all referring elements for which filtering by enterprise is not available.

To open this report:

  • In the list of enterprises, place the cursor on the required enterprise
  • Use the References to enterprise context menu item or the Document > References to enterprise main menu item
  • The report will open.

The report data is grouped by references or documents where this enterprise is used. There are two columns:.

  • Line — the name of the object that uses the enterprise in its properties
  • Property — an additional comment on the place of use of the enterprise in the object properties. For example, an enterprise can be used on different tabs of the goods cards. The Property field displays additional information about the place where the enterprise is used in the goods card.

The object can be opened directly from the report.