A return for supplier document is created when goods are returned to the supplier for any reason.
As a result of saving the return for supplier document, the goods specified on its Goods tab are written off from the supplier department. The recipient specifies the correspondent-supplier of the goods: a legal entity or an individual. The recipient cannot be an internal department.
Returns to suppliers do not change the order of goods write-off.

Let us consider an example.

It is necessary to return 2 kg of lemons to the supplier. Open a receipt note from this supplier. In this document, the purchase sum excluding taxes is 244.46 rubles.

Create the return to supplier document and link it with the receipt note. Save the return document.

The Sum e/t field has value of 244.46 rubles. Thus, in fact, we return the goods to the supplier at the price of their receipt.
The write-off cost is calculated according to FIFO: in our case, it is taken from the receipt note.

If you change the price in the receipt note, the return amount will automatically change, but the self-cost will remain the same.