Sales locations is a dictionary that organizes the connection between the unit that prepares the dish and the cash station where this dish is sold.
If the restaurant is small and the link for write-off can be unambiguously determined — the dish is cooked in the Kitchen, so its writen off from the Kitchen department, the dish is prepared in the Bar, it is writen off from the Bar department — then one Sale location will be used.
If the restaurant is large, there are many floors, there are specific production processes, more than one enterprise is managed in the same StoreHouse 5 database, and the same dish, depending on the sale location, must be written off from different departments, then the required number of sale locations is entered in the system.

If StoreHouse 5 works in conjunction with r_keeper, then the Sale locations directory is filled in automatically when importing dictionaries from r_keeper.

On the Write-off page of the goods card, you can set a link between the sale of goods from a specific sale location and the write-off of these goods from a specific enterprise department.