If barcodes are defined for goods or goods synonyms, then such goods can be added to delivery notes by a barcode scanner.

The scanner must be configured as keyboard input.

To add goods to the invoice using barcodes, enable showing the goods adding panel:

  • Open any delivery note and go to the Goods tab
  • Select the Document main menu item
  • Set the Show goods adding panel flag
  • The Add goods item panel will appear at the bottom of the window.

To add goods using a scanner:

  • Place the cursor in the Add goods item field
  • Scan a barcode
  • If the goods item is found by barcode in the database, then it will be added to the delivery note with the UOM for which the barcode is defined
  • Rescanning the same barcode will increase the goods quantity by 1
  • If the goods item is not found by barcode, the system will display a corresponding message
  • If the barcode was defined for a goods synonym, then the synonym will be added to the delivery note.

The goods synonym will be added only for those delivery notes for whose correspondents these synonyms are specified — receipt or delivery notes.
For internal documents, a synonym will be defined by barcodeand and the goods with the corresponding UOM will be added to the StoreHouse delivery note.