For receipt and delivery documents, it is necessary to specify the correspondents from whom or for whom the document is issued.
To select a correspondent:

  • You can call the Correspondents dictionary to select a correspondent from the list:
    • Double-clicking in the field
    • By clicking the
       button in the field
    • Using the Edit > Call dictionary main menu item or the 
      button on the toolbar
    • The correspondent is selected by double-clicking on its name or by selecting the Edit > Replace using dictionary main menu item by clicking on the 
       button on the toolbar
  • You can type a part of the name in the department entry field and press the Enter key
    • If the typed part is contained in the name of one correspondent, it will be automatically inserted into the document
    • If the typed part is contained in the name of several correspondents, then a selection from the drop-down list or the correspondent's search box will be offered. The view depends on the settings for working with the search window.
  • You can enter the full value of the TIN in the Supplier field and press the Enter key. The correspondent will be selected automatically.

The list of correspondents is not limited to selection in documents.
When selecting a correspondent, the KPP field will be automatically filled in with the default value from the correspondent's card, if the KPP is specified.

The KPP for the correspondent must be specified if the organization operates on the territory of the Russian Federation.