When working with internal or delivery notes, it is sometimes necessary to determine the list of receipt notes from which the self-cost was formed. To generate such a report, select the goods item and use the Generate self-cost context menu item or the Document > Generate self-cost main menu item. The report window will open.
The report displays a chain of documents from which the self-cost of the goods selected in the delivery note was formed.

The self-cost is automatically generated using the FIFO method.

The Forming flag opposite the delivery notes in the report helps to determine the receipt notes, from which the self-cost of the goods of the original delivery note is formed.

Any delivery note can be opened from a report. To do this, place the cursor on the delivery note and click the Open document(s) button. The selected delivery note opens and the report form closes.

If you need to open several delivery notes from a report, select these notes in the list using the Ctrl key and click the Open document(s) button. All selected delivery notes will open, and the report form will be closed.