For receipt and delivery notes, the amount and tax rates are specified either manually, or based on price list data, or from goods cards.
If in Store House:

  • The function of using price lists for documents is disabled, but it is necessary to substitute prices from the price list
  • The user has the rights to substitute prices according to the latest documents, but you need to use the price list or values ​​from the goods card
  • Prices in the delivery note are edited manually, but you need to return the prices according to the price list in the already created delivery note.

Then the Set prices in accordance with the agreement/price lists group function is available for the goods from the document. This function can also be called from the context menu.
If the goods were not selected in the delivery note, then pricing according to the price list will be carried out for all goods in the document.
This function works according to the following algorithm:

  • First, the existence of the contract for the delivery note is checked. If specified, the prices will be substituted from the price list associated with the contract
  • If there is no contract for the delivery note, the system checks for the presence of a price list for the correspondent on the date of the delivery note for each position goods + UOM from the delivery note. If there is a price list, then the price from it is set
  • If there is no price list, then the price from the goods card — sale price for delivery notes, purchase price for receipt notes — is analyzed for the enterprise. If a price is specified, the price for the UOM from the delivery will be set based on the goods' base UOM. If the price is not specified, then 0 will be substituted.